Options and flexibility are our thing so we've created a whole multiple of programs to ensure everyone has an opportunity to train. Click here to view the full schedule.


By combining Olympic lifting, kettle bells, dumbbells, med-balls and a variety of apparatuses this class will help you build muscle and endurance, and put your metabolism to work! Group classes are offered weekly and should be booked in advance to ensure you get a spot.

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Open Gym

Full Class, no problem - we offer multiple open gym options so you can be sure to get your workout in! During Open Gym, athletes are welcome to complete the workouts offered in our CrossFit classes or do some skill work. Athletes are welcome to work on whatever suits their fitness needs.

Progressive Calisthenics

Using animal movements, sports drills, gymnastics and yoga this class is focused on providing a full body workout using only your bodyweight, and it will leave you burning fat for days!

Traing for the pro’s -Teens

This is our teen athlete development course - designed to help athletes build speed, strength and endurance and the mental fortitude to conquer and achieve their goals both scholastically and sports wise.

Muay Thai

Based on the Thailand style of striking - our Muay Thai class is geared toward the striking systems used in MMA competitions and is open to all skill levels. (*Boxing gloves are required for this class - Mouth piece optional)

Jiu Jitsu

Using this “gentle art of self-defense”, we focus on grappling and joint manipulation with the goal of sub-doing your opponent, bigger or stronger - technique is key and the main element of this class.

Personal Training Session

Monday - Sunday

Call or see Facility Director for availability and pricing.